Subaru WinterFest 2015

Subaru WinterFest is a 14-stop tour at 10 ski resorts throughout the country that invites outdoor enthusiasts to celebrate their passion for winter. The activation has a central base in the resort village and includes a scavenger hunt and oversized adirondack chair photo experience.

As art director, I helped develop the on mountain scavenger hunt and adirondack chair photo experience. Participants received scavenger hunt trail maps, took photos of the signs on the mountain, shared on social media, and had a chance to win prizes. I designed the trail maps and brochures, designed the on mountain signs, and designed the informational a-frame signs at the base. Back in the WinterFest base area, participants could have their photo taken on an oversized blue adirondack chair. Their photos would immediately be sent to them on a micro site via email or sms with options to share on social media. I did some production work for the adirondack chair, customized the micro site design and the photo overlays.

ClientSubaru of AmericaServicesArt Direction, Event Design, Experiential Design

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